600 Breezy Recalls Being On ‘Drug Binge’ For Months Following GF’s Suicide

600 Breezy Recalls Being on 'Drug Binge' for Months Following GF's Suicide

When Sharing His Story, The Rapper Says He Was ‘At My Mom House, Laying On The Floor, Balled Up In A Corner With My Grandad’s Ashes Or My Cousins’ During His Grieving Process.’

AceShowbiz – 600 Breezy admitted that he was on a “drug binge” for months in the wake of his girlfriend Raven’s suicide. The rapper reflected on the dark times when appearing on VladTV.

“I was a skeleton,” the emcee recalled. “I just went on a three, four-month, just drug binge… Literally, at my mom house, laying on the floor, balled up in a corner with my grandad’s ashes or my cousins. Just trying to feel their energy. I just wanted to understand life more, because it was just like, ‘Aight, my girl not here, I don’t want to be here no more.’ “

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