Ariana Grande Could Receive Invite To King Charles’ Coronation From Prince Edward

Ariana Grande Could Receive Invite to King Charles' Coronation From Prince Edward
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The ‘Thank U, Next’ Singer Is Set To Meet The Monarch’s Youngest Brother When He Tours The Set Of Her Upcoming Film ‘Wicked’ Later This Week As The Search Continues For Pop Stars To Celebrate King Charles’ Coronation.

AceShowbiz – Ariana Grande is reportedly set to meet Prince Edward as the search continues for a pop star line-up to celebrate King Charles’ coronation. The “Thank U, Next” singer is said to be in line to meet the monarch’s youngest brother this week when he tours the set of her upcoming film “Wicked“, after a series of big name artists pulled out of performing at the concert on May 7, the day after Charles, 74, is crowned in London’s Westminster Abbey.

A film insider told The Sun on Tuesday, March 7, “Edward’s visit has been kept under wraps. He’d been invited as a guest of honour, and now he is going to actually meet some of the stars, including Ariana.” The source said Edward, 58, may “joke” about Ariana joining the coronation concert.

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