Baby Mama Of Tamar Braxton’s Fiance Drags Her For Causing ‘Unnecessary Drama’

Baby Mama of Tamar Braxton's Fiance Drags Her for Causing 'Unnecessary Drama'

After The ‘Braxton Family Values’ Alum Announces Her Engagement To Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson, One Of His Baby Mamas Takes To Instagram To Post A Lengthy Scathing Post Slamming The Singer.

AceShowbiz – Tamar Braxton‘s happiness following her engagement to Jeremy “JR” Robinson apparently doesn’t last long. After Tamar announced the happy news, one of the “Queens Court” star’s baby mamas shared a lengthy post slamming the singer.

Making use of her Instagram account, Anaston Jeni criticized the “Braxton Family Values” alum for not being “honest” about her relationship with his children and their mothers. “I have sat in silence for over a year, respecting everyone’s privacy while they disrespected mine,” she wrote on Instagram on Friday, March 17. “I’ve sat in silence while this person has come into my son’s life and caused nothing but chaos and unnecessary drama.”

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