Blac Chyna ‘Happy’ After Removing All Of Her Face Fillers

Blac Chyna 'Happy' After Removing All of Her Face Fillers

The Model, Whose Real Name Is Angela Renee White, Says She Decides To Remove All Of The Fillers Because She Is ‘Tired Of The Look’ That ‘Totally Changed’ Her Face.

AceShowbiz – Blac Chyna has decided to remove all of her face fillers. The model even documented the procedure and said she was “happy” to have them dissolved.

On Wednesday, March 15, the 34-year-old shared a video of herself inside her car as she was heading to the clinic. “I am getting these fillers dissolved from my cheeks and from my jawline because enough is enough and all has to come out,” she said. “And that’s just as simple as that.”

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