Cara Delevingne Plans To Freeze Her Eggs Because She Wants Kids ‘So Bad’

Cara Delevingne Plans to Freeze Her Eggs Because She Wants Kids 'So Bad'
Vogue Magazine

The 30-Year-Old Star, Who Is In A Relationship With Singer Leah Mason A.K.A. Minke, Reveals In A New Magazine Interview That She Is Planning To Freeze Her Eggs In The Near Future.

AceShowbiz – Cara Delevingne wants babies “so bad.” The model/actress, who has been sober for four months after checking into rehab last year, is planning to freeze her eggs in the near future but has longed to have a child of her own since she was a teenager, a longing she acknowledges stems from watching her mother battle addiction.

The 30-year-old star, who is in a relationship with singer Leah Mason a.k.a. Minke, told the new issue of America’s Vogue magazine, “I’ve wanted a kid since I was 16. I want babies so bad. Back then I would not have been ready, of course – I just wanted to replace the need to look after my mom with a kid of my own.”

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