Chris Rock’s Brother Tony Responds To Allegations He Keeps Talking About Will Smith For Clout


Chris Rock's Brother Tony Responds to Allegations He Keeps Talking About Will Smith for Clout
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Tony Rock Defends Himself Against Criticism For Discussing The Oscars Slap Over And Over Again More Than A Year After The Incident, Claiming He Cares ‘Deeply’ About His Brother.

AceShowbiz – Unlike Chris Rock who has restrained himself from talking too much about Will Smith‘s Oscars slap, his brother Tony Rock has addressed the incident multiple times in public and he will keep doing so. The 48-year-old stand-up comedian has defended himself against allegations that he keeps talking about the controversy for “clout.”

In an appearance on BigBoyTV, Tony claimed that he genuinely cares about his brother Chris. “I don’t need to talk about it for clout,” he said. “It’s my brother. I been doing standup for 25 years why would I need to talk about this for clout?”

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