Gail Porter ‘Very Content’ With Her ‘Little P****’ As She Chooses To Stay Single

Gail Porter 'Very Content' With Her 'Little P****' as She Chooses to Stay Single

The Former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Contestant Is Enjoying Her Own Company And Her Friends’ As She Makes It Clear That She Is Not Interested In Finding Love At The Moment.

AceShowbiz – Gail Porter has no desire to date. While she was previously dating late Prodigy star, Keith Flint, the 51-year-old former model was still married to Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave, with whom she has daughter Honey, 20.

However, now she is quite happy to stay single because she is “very content” with her life with her “little” pussy and her pals. “I’m more wrinkly, but I’m very content. I’m always happy with my own company – it’s quite nice,” she said to Bella magazine. “People say, ‘Are you OK? Why are you still single?’ I’m just really happy. I like it this way. I’m happy with my little cat and my adorable friends.”

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