Idris Elba Says ‘Luther’ Is More ‘Relatable’ And Grounded’ Than James Bond

Idris Elba Says 'Luther' Is More 'Relatable' and Grounded' Than James Bond
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Comparing His Own Detective Franchise To The 007 Series, The ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ Actor Hopes His Upcoming Movie Could Take Up Some Of Bond’s ‘Real Estate.’

AceShowbiz – Idris Elba thinks “Luther” is more “relatable” than James Bond. The 50-year-old actor is back as DCI John Luther in “Luther: The Fallen Sun“, the big-screen continuation of the TV series, and hopes that the character can take up some of 007’s “real estate” with the gritty themes of the new movie, which features Andy Serkis as cyber serial killer David Robey.

“The Bond series is an incredible staple to the UK and the world right, but Luther could take up some of that real estate,” Idris, who has often been tipped to play Bond, told Magic Radio. “It is not about espionage, but it is about how to catch them. I think Luther tends to be a little bit more relatable, you know grounded. You know guys that creep from under your bed… this film has certainly taken it a little more cyber if you like with Andy Serkis’ character.”

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