Jason Momoa Comes For Revenge In First Official ‘Fast X’ Trailer


The First Full-Length Trailer Of The Tenth Film In The ‘Fast And Furious’ Saga Sees Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto Back To His Roots To Save His Family And Brie Larson’s Mysterious New Character Making Her Debut.

AceShowbiz – The first official trailer for “Fast X” is finally here for fans’ viewing pleasure, after being teased with a look back at the previous installments. Being debuted on Friday, February 10, the trailer sees Jason Momoa as a big baddie who threatens to ruin Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) idyllic life.

“Dominic Toretto… You’re about to learn all about fear,” Momoa’s Dante Reyes says as the scenes show how Dom possibly had a brush with Dante in the past. “You built such a beautiful life filled with love and family. I never got that chance. You stole that from me. My future. My family,” he added, before launching his threat. “And now…I’m gonna break yours…piece by piece.”

Dom shares his fear about losing his loved one, while Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) is seemingly prepared for the worst as she says, “One of us might not come back from this, but we have to fight.” Going face-to-face with Dom, Dante fiercely declares, “Never accept death, when suffering is owed.”

The video also teases that Dom will be back to his roots, racing, to save his family. “Winning used to be about winning. We raced for respect. Today, I race to stop the blood bath,” he says before he goes to race against Dante.

The trailer also features Brie Larson, who makes her debut as Tess. Her character is described as a rogue representative of Mr. Nobody’s agency who allies with Dom and his crew, but there’s apparently a lot more to be told about her mysterious character as she’s seen having a duel with Letty.

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