Jenna Ortega Challenges Ghostface In ‘Scream 6’ Super Bowl Spot


The Upcoming Sixth Installment In The Slasher Film Franchise Debuts The Fear-Inducing Promo Ahead Of The Big Game On Sunday, February 12 And Its March Release.

AceShowbiz – Ghostface isn’t coming to theaters until next month, but is going to bring terror to Super Bowl LVII this weekend. Ahead of the big game on Sunday, February 12, Paramount Pictures has released a new TV ad for “Scream VI” that will play during the sports event.

The fear-inducing promo features Ghostface who is hunting down the Carpenters and their friends in New York City after the girls left Woodsboro. The video sees the protagonists desperately trying to escape from the serial killer, crossing a ladder laid across the windows of two separate buildings.

Tired of being the hunted, Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) later comes up with a plan to lure Ghostface. “C’mon motherf**ker,” she screams at the end of the video before the ad cuts her off

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