Jermaine Dupri fights back against “reckless” trolls who say he is not important.

When critics say that he is no longer “relevant,” the 50-year-old rapper and producer talks about his recent works. He has already explained why he makes more R&B music than anything else.
Feb 17, 2023
AceShowbiz – Critics who say that Jermaine Dupri is no longer “relevant” bother him. When asked about the talk, the rapper/producer told people why they shouldn’t say that it was “reckless.”

In a recent episode of the “I AM ATHLETE” podcast, the 50-year-old gave his opinion. “I’ve heard some jerks say, “JD isn’t important any more.” Every year you can think of, I’ve had a hit record. You just don’t realize it “he said.

Dupri then showed off the money he had made from his most recent works. “”If I Get Caught” is a DVSN. Ari Lennox, ‘Pressure’ “what he said. “Usher and Ella Mai were in 2020. Also, if you’re from the rap world and you only listen to trap music, you’ll think that JD hasn’t made any music because you don’t listen to R&B music. You have no idea. I forgot to mention something. Last year, I put out an album by Anthony Hamilton.”

So, he said, “I’m saying that if you’re not really interested in what’s going on, you might have missed it.” “So you can say what you want, but putting that out there is a risky thing to do if you don’t know what’s going on.”

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