Kelsey Grammer Planned To Catch Up With Kirstie Alley Before Her Death

Kelsey Grammer Planned to Catch Up With Kirstie Alley Before Her Death

The ‘Frasier’ Actor Missed His Final Meeting With His Actress Pal As She Was ‘Noticeably Missing’ At An Event, A Week Before She Lost Her Battle With Cancer.

AceShowbiz – Kelsey Grammer was supposed to meet pal Kirstie Alley, a week before her death. The “Frasier” actor had wanted to catch up with his former “Cheers” co-star at a friend’s book-signing event late last year but she didn’t turn up and, a week later, he was devastated to hear of her death aged 71 after being diagnosed with cancer.

“Kirstie was noticeably missing and about a week later she was gone,” Kelsey, 68, said during an appearance on “The Rachael Ray Show“. The TV star added of his late friend, “I loved Kirstie. She was always beautiful. She just had that thing about her. She was a radiant human being and that came through her. She knew how to love. She was so honest in her emotions all the time.”

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