Latto And Doechii Reportedly Feud Backstage At Billboard Women In Music Over Nicki Minaj

Latto and Doechii Reportedly Feud Backstage at Billboard Women In Music Over Nicki Minaj

Things Reportedly Get Heated Between The Two Raptress After The ‘Yucky Blucky Fruitcake’ Femcee Mentions Nicki, Whom The ‘Muwop’ Hitmaker Had A Twitter Spat With Before, In Her Acceptance Speech.

AceShowbiz – The Billboard Women in Music was supposed to be an event where female musicians celebrated one other, but Latto (formerly Mulatto) unexpectedly got herself a new enemy at the ceremony. She reportedly got into an argument with Doechii backstage at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, California.

During the Wednesday, March 1 ceremony, Doechii received the Rising Star award. Calling it a “huge huge step” for her, she said in her speech, “Thank God for my Mom. This is a special night for me, because bit– i just wanna win something like. I just wanna win! So it feels so good! Thank you Coven! Y’all be going crazy, the first one to post everything, sneakin’ to my rehearsals weird vibes. But, thank you guys so much for everything.”

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