Lindsay Lohan’s Pregnancy Happens At ‘The Right Time,’ Says Her Mom

Lindsay Lohan's Pregnancy Happens at 'the Right Time,' Says Her Mom
Cover Images/Janet Mayer

The Actress’ Mom Dina Lohan Is Thrilled That Her Daughter Is Expecting Her First Child With Husband Bader Shammas, Spilling That The Couple Has Been Trying For A While Before ‘That Little Stick Came Up Positive.’

AceShowbiz – Lindsay Lohan‘s pregnancy has happened at the “right time” in her life. The 36-year-old actress recently announced that she’s expecting her first child with husband Bader Shammas, and Lindsay’s mom, Dina, is thrilled by the news.

She told PEOPLE, “She’s been trying and then it happened, that little stick came up positive. It’s the right time for her and Bader is an angel. Her husband is so sweet and they’re just so happy. They’re just really happy and ready.”

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