Mia Thornton Gives Receipts Of Peter Thomas And Wendy Osefo Getting Dinner Together

Mia Thornton Gives Receipts of Peter Thomas and Wendy Osefo Getting Dinner Together

The ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Star, Who Claims That Wendy And Peter Slept Together, Takes To Her Twitter Account To Share Proof That The Pair Had A Playful Dinner Together.

AceShowbiz – Mia Thornton comes with some receipts after Peter Thomas denied sleeping with Wendy Osefo. On Wednesday, March 1, Mia took to her Twitter account to share proof that Wendy and Peter had a playful dinner together.

” ‘I didn’t go out to dinner with her, I didn’t have a late night snack with her… I only filmed with her for 5 mins!’ LIES! LIES! LIES!” Mia said, alongside a clip of Wendy enjoying dinner with a man who was believed to be Peter. “Sorry, P, wrong food group, Zen Wen was playing with the Snapper! Not the Cookie.”

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