Miley Cyrus sends fans a postcard that hints at the lyrics of a new song.

The former “Hannah Montana” star is getting fans excited for her next album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” by sending them a postcard with a line from it.
Feb 16, 2023
AceShowbiz – Some of Miley Cyrus’s fans got a postcard with a song lyric from her upcoming album “Endless Summer Vacation.” After the success of the lead single “Flowers,” the pop star teased the line “Am I stuck on an island or have I landed in paradise?”

Miley recently said that she was honored “to be the messenger” for her fans on “Flowers.” The 30-year-old singer shared outtakes from the music video for her song and a message to her fans on social media to mark the fact that her song was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the third week in a row.

She wrote, “Flowers is in its third week at number one, and as magical as this feels, I know it didn’t just happen by chance. This song and its success show how powerful YOU are. This is your time, and it’s an honor for me to bring it to you. It’s fun to dance like no one is watching, but it’s even more fun when all of you join me. I love you. Thanks a lot, Miley.”

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