Nickelodeon Responds To JoJo Siwa’s Bigotry Allegations

Nickelodeon Responds to JoJo Siwa's Bigotry Allegations
Cover Images/BauerGriffin

In A TikTok Video, The 19-Year-Old Former Star Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Recently Recalled A Negative Reaction From A Boss Of Her Former Employer After Coming Out As Gay.

AceShowbiz – Nickelodeon has responded to JoJo Siwa‘s apparent diss at the company. On Thursday, March 23, the company released a statement after the former Nickelodeon star slammed an unnamed company for its negative response to her coming out as gay.

In the statement, a Nickelodeon spokesperson claimed that the company didn’t have anything to do with the incident. “We are unaware of what incident or meeting JoJo is referencing, but it certainly did not happen at Nickelodeon,” read the statement. “We have valued and supported JoJo since day one of our relationship together and we still do today.”

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