Paris Hilton Reflects On Being Pregnant At 22

Paris Hilton Reflects on Being Pregnant at 22
TIME Magazine

The 42-Year-Old Socialite-Turned DJ Reveals In Her Upcoming Memoir Her Pain Over Almost Being A Mother Almost Two Decades Ago At The Peak Of Her Reality TV Fame.

AceShowbiz – Paris Hilton says her wild life came “crashing down” when she realized she was pregnant aged 22. The socialite-turned DJ reveals in her upcoming memoir her pain over almost being a mother almost two decades ago at the peak of her reality TV fame, before she took the agonising decision to have an abortion.

The 42-year-old star says in an extract from her upcoming autobiography “Paris: The Memoir”, published by Time magazine on Tuesday, March 7, about the painful choice to terminate her pregnancy, “In November 2003, after we had filmed the first season of ‘The Simple Life’ and before it premiered, I was living my best life. The show started getting tons of great press. My co-star Nicole Richie and I were working it, showing up, doing interviews.”

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