police spend nearly two months looking for a mother who is accused of leaving her two children.

With a family member, the 12-year-old and 3-year-old are now secure.

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2:34 A.M. on February 11, 2023

1:01 Police: Mother abandoned children at home for two months.

Raven Yates, a mother accused of leaving her two children in a house, is being sought by police.

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Police in Texas are searching for a woman who abandoned her two children late last year for almost two months.

According to Roman Forest, Texas, police, Raven Yates has been given an arrest warrant for two counts of endangering/abandoning a child without intending to return.

On November 14, 2022, the father of a 12-year-old girl who was left home alone with her 3-year-old brother since September 28 informed the police.

They apparently went for a significant portion of this period without food or supplies, and the two kids were not registered for school.

The father, who resides out of state, arrived by plane from California in November after his ex-mom-in-law discovered Yates by herself in Mobile, Alabama, according to the authorities. His daughter had been requesting him to send them food on a daily basis when he first became aware that the two kids were alone.

In this picture from a video, a police car is parked near Raven Yates’s house in Roman Forest, Texas.
He called the police and went to the house where the two kids were staying to meet them. Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle told ABC News in an interview that the father does not live in the house but pays the rent.

The police didn’t find any food in the fridge or cabinets, but the kids were both fine.

“The 12-year-old must have been very clever. She shouldn’t have had to do that, “Carlisle said.

The 12-year-father old’s took him and his younger brother to Mobile, Alabama, to stay with their grandmother.

The Roman Forest Police Department released this picture of Raven Yates.
Raven Yates is shown in this picture from the Roman Forest Police Department.
Roman Forest Police Department/Facebook The police also found out that Yates said her 14-year-old third child had run away a few weeks before she was said to have left the children in September. The child also found their way to their grandmother’s house in Mobile.

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