Prince William And Kate Middelton Don’t Expect Princess Charlotte To Be ‘Full-Time Royal’

Prince William and Kate Middelton Don't Expect Princess Charlotte to Be 'Full-Time Royal'
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According To A New Report, The Prince And Princess Of Wales Are Said To Be Raising Their Daughter Differently As She Will Apparently Not Be Considered A Working Member Of The Royal Family When She Grows Up.

AceShowbiz – Prince William and Pricess Kate Middleton are reportedly raising Princess Charlotte with the “expectation she will get a job.” The Prince and Princess of Wales are said to be putting plans in place for their seven-year-old daughter not to be a “full-time royal” as, unlike her brother Prince George, she will apparently not be considered a working member of the Royal Family when she grows up.

The Daily Mail’s Richard Eden said in his Palace Confidential newsletter on Friday, February 17, “From what I hear, the Prince and Princess of Wales want Charlotte, aged seven, to grow up with the expectation that she will get a job and not be a full-time royal.”

The alleged strategy is apparently in line with King Charles’ plans to slim down the monarchy as he gets further into his reign by cutting back on the number of working royals paid for their duties. But Richard added, “Personally, I would prefer to see a larger Royal Family.”

He said he felt it would allow “The Firm” to carry out “more official engagements” and meet “more members of the public”, adding, “If Charlotte is to get a job and not be an active member of ‘The Firm’, she needs to be ready to step into the breach, if needed.”

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