Seth Rogen Hints At ‘Fast And Furious’-Style Spin-Off For His ‘Mario Bros.’ Character

Seth Rogen Hints at 'Fast and Furious'-Style Spin-Off for His 'Mario Bros.' Character
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The 40-Year-Old Actor, Who Voices Donkey Kong In The Upcoming Animated Movie, Admits That There Is ‘A Lot Of Opportunity’ For The Primate To Land A Standalone Project.

AceShowbiz – Seth Rogen has hinted his Donkey Kong character could be part of a “Fast and Furious” – style spin-off movie. The 40-year-old actor voices the anthropomorphic necktie-wearing gorilla in forthcoming computer-animated fantasy film “The Super Mario Bros. Movie“, and has admitted there is “a lot of opportunity” for the primate to land a standalone project.

He told Collider, “There’s a lot of opportunity there. I think the family unit of the Kongs seems to be – and if the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies have taught us anything [it’s] that it’s all about family.”

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