Snoop Dogg Forced To Change His Writing Approach After Eerie Premonition

Snoop Dogg Forced to Change His Writing Approach After Eerie Premonition

In An Excerpt From The Latest Installment Of His Audible Series, The ‘Gin And Juice’ Rapper Elaborates On The Need To ‘Control The Narrative’ Of What He Writes On His Songs.

AceShowbiz – Snoop Dogg was forced to change his writing approach in the wake of an eerie premonition. In an excerpt from the June 15 episode of his “Words + Music” audiobook series, the “Gin and Juice” rapper spilled that what he wrote on his song “Murder Was the Case” later unfolded in his real life.

When talking about the creation of his iconic 1993 song “Murder Was the Case”, the 51-year-old dished, “My peers, we wrote about death. You see, and I wrote that song ‘Murder Was the Case’ where I was like, ‘I came when my boo boo’s ’bout to have my baby.’ “

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