SZA Admits To Crying A Lot While Filming ‘Nobody Gets Me’ Visuals: It’s ‘F**King Sad’

SZA Admits to Crying a Lot While Filming 'Nobody Gets Me' Visuals: It's 'F**king Sad'
Cover Images/Diego Corredor

The Missouri-Born Singer Released The ‘Nobody Gets Me’ Music Video, Which Is Directed By Bradley J. Calder, Just Hours After The Arrival Of Her Sophomore Album, ‘S.O.S’, Back In December 2022.

AceShowbiz – SZA couldn’t help but get emotional while filming the music video for “Nobody Gets Me”. When sitting down with Billboard, she admitted that she “cried a lot” while shooting the visuals because it was “really f**king sad.”

“I never know [what to expect],” the 33-year-old said. “When I was performing ’20 Something’ before my grandma died, it didn’t hit me the same. And then after my grandma died, I could barely get through it at rehearsal. Who knows what any of these songs will bring up for me in real life? Shooting the video for ‘Nobody Gets Me’ was really f**king sad. I cried a lot. I’m just going to wing it and see.”

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