Tessa Thompson Doesn’t Like Eating Eggs

Tessa Thompson Doesn't Like Eating Eggs
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The ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Actress Reveals That She Has Never Eaten Hamburger And Only ‘Recently’ Ate An Egg For The First Time, But Wasn’t Enamored By The Experience.

AceShowbiz – Tessa Thompson has “never” eaten a hamburger. The 39-year-old star explained that while she isn’t vegetarian, she hasn’t even tried a hamburger, a staple for some, at any point “in [her] life”. Speaking to Vanity Fair at the outlet’s annual Academy Awards party on Sunday night, March 12, she said, “I’ve never had a hamburger in my life… I eat other things, I’ve just never had a hamburger. It’s the only thing extraordinary that I can still claim.”

Meanwhile, she also revealed she had only “recently” eaten an egg for the first time, but she wasn’t enamored by the experience. She confessed, “I had never had one of those. I don’t think they’re great.”

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