Tiger Woods Accused Of Sleeping With Men Amid Lawsuit By Ex Erica Herman

Tiger Woods Accused of Sleeping With Men Amid Lawsuit by Ex Erica Herman
Cover Images/SOL TUCKER

A Young College Student, Who Claims His Uncle Was Tiger’s Longtime Caddy, Says That His Uncle Told Him The Pro Golfer Has ‘Hooked Up With Dudes,’ But Nike Helped Hide It.

AceShowbiz – Tiger Woods allegedly “swings both ways.” The professional golfer, who separated from his ex-wife Elin Nordegren following cheating allegations, has been accused of sleeping with men as he’s currently battling a lawsuit by his former longtime girlfriend Erica Herman.

The wild story was shared by Instagram blogger named Yellow Duck, who interviewed college kids. During one interview, a young man claimed that his uncle was Tiger’s longtime caddy. “My uncle was actually [Tiger Woods’] caddy for like 15 years,” he said in a video. “They go everywhere together. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere.”

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