Tyga Splashes Out On Diamond Chain For New Girlfriend Avril Lavigne

Tyga Splashes Out on Diamond Chain for New Girlfriend Avril Lavigne

The ‘Rack City’ Rapper Has Reportedly Spent Approximately $800,000 To Buy His New Girlfriend A Custom-Made Diamond Necklace And The Expensive Jewel Features Her Name.

AceShowbiz – Tyga has reportedly gifted Avril Lavigne a $80,000 custom-made diamond necklace. The 33-year-old rap star recently began romancing the “Complicated” hitmaker, and Eric Mavani, a celebrity jeweller, has revealed that Tyga spent an eye-watering amount of money on the necklace.

The jeweler told TMZ that the chain features 50 carats of black diamonds, white diamonds and pink sapphires. The glittering necklace also features Avril’s name as well as a pair of letter A’s written over pink hearts.

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