Vladimir Putin Reportedly Using Oxygen Tank In Desperate Attempt To Extend His Life

Vladimir Putin Reportedly Using Oxygen Tank in Desperate Attempt to Extend His Life
Cover Images/Bernd von Jutrczenka

The President Of Russia Is Said To Have Had A Cutting-Edge Cryo Chamber Installed At His Mansion Near Moscow, Thinking It Is Going To Cure Him Of His Ills.

AceShowbiz – Vladimir Putin is reportedly using a cryogenic oxygen tank. The President of Russia has turned to using an oxygen tank, similar to the one previously used by pop star Michael Jackson, in a bid to extend his life.

According to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, a Russian insider said on the Telegram platform, “Putin has now officially, totally gone ‘Wacko’. He has a cutting-edge cryo chamber in his mansion that doubles up as an oxygen tank … he gets in it with these ridiculously comical-looking glasses, white gloves and undies and socks, and thinks it is going to cure him of his ills. It is not. He is too far gone.”

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